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LIV Studio RI Client Photo
We Believe

live. imagine. vision. life to the fullest

Our mission is to encourage you to live your best life.

We eliminate your hair worries so that you can take on all of life's craziest adventures fearlessly.

We accomplish this by keeping it simple, but significant.

We believe that in simplicity there is beauty. Striving to always be mindful. 

Though LIV is a small business...there is nothing small about the vision we have for it.

We are more than hair, we are individuals who are dedicated to our profession. We believe in ourselves and in LIV. We are not afraid to try the new, the different, or the challenging because we are in this together.

We want the same for you. We want you to want to live your best life, and we hope at LIV we can help you achieve it.

We believe in providing each individual guest with respect, attention, honesty, commitment, and professional care.


We value our guests for their support of our business. With continued education on all things health + beauty, we strive to offer an excellent service experience from beginning to end. With good health and strong confidence, we trust that we can live our best life.

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