Hair FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm trying to grow my hair out. What can I do to encourage hair growth and keep it healthy while the in-between-stages drive me crazy?

Stimulating the hair follicle at the root by brushing or massaging will encourage growth. Make sure you have a balanced diet. Come in and get a treatment to keep the condition of your hair at its best, to prevent breakage and split ends. Only use a comb gently on your hair while it’s wet to reduce the amount of breakage. Brushes can be too forceful on your vulnerable wet hair. Another option would be to ask your hairstylist to recommend a fun new color for your hair. When you're trying to maintain long hair and feel good about it. Sometimes all it takes is a small but exciting new change for your hair to feel fresh and beautiful again.

Initially when I get my hair colored, it gives my hair the natural appearance of being so shiny and healthy. How can I maintain the shine between colors?

To best maintain the vibrancey of your color, we suggest extending the number of days between each shampoo. We recommend going 3 days minium before your next shampoo. You can wet your hair and condition daily. However, shampooing everyday is not nesscary and strips your hair of its natural oils. Also, always remember to never just wet your hair, water has a higher pH balance than our hair thus it will result in dryed out hair. Ask your stylist to recommend a shine and smoothing product for your hair type. Apply as directed. Your daily hair will glow between shampoos. We also offer a semi-permanent gloss service that can be performed between colors services thus extending the life of your color until your next appointment.

I colored my hair at home with a box color from the store and the color is too dark. What can I do to get it back to the color I originally wanted?

The most common solution would be to first perform a color wash and then go through with a re-coloring process. This service is considered a "Corrective Color" and will take at least 2-3 hours, depending on the individual's situation. The level of damage caused by the process depends on the original condition of the hair, so a trim may be encouraged, along with a series of hair treatments.

I have hard water, well water or chlorinated swimming pool at home. What can I do to keep my hair healthy?

Build up as a result of those minerals and chemicals will cause your hair to feel dry, snarly, or appear overly glossy. Regular salon treatments, monthly in bad cases, and using stylist recommended at home products once a week, daily for pool use, will make a huge difference. Mineral build up on the hair can prevent proper absorption of hair color and prevent your hair from styling to its highest standards. Also, if you are a swimmer, always wet your hair down in a shower before entering the pool. Let your stylist know before your service so we can clarify your hair and remove those unwanted minerals!

My hair has been light blonde for a while, now I want my hair to be a darker brown shade. What kind of service should I book?

This would be considered a "Corrective Color". We recommend preparing the hair first with a filler color and then applying the desired color. This two-step process will prevent fading and provide for the richest color possible. This type of service will take at least 2-3 hours and may require a trim afterwards, depending on the original condition of the hair.