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Becoming a Triple Threat with Tape-In Extensions

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Let’s face it, we all want bigger, bolder, beautiful hair.

And with extensions, we can achieve immediate hair goal results without damaging our hair.

Since the possibilities are endless with extensions we’re able to create the style that you actually want in 1 visit.

With extensions, you're getting

  1. Your desired color instantly in one visit

  2. The length you want 12"-22"

  3. And let's not forget, fullness


If you were a regular client coming in for a lightening service, I’d probably tell you that it would take up to 2-3 salon visits to safely achieve the blonde you desire. 2-3 lightening appointments equals out to the same cost as 1 extension visit, and in that 1 visit, I am going to be able to instantly give you the color that you actually want, right off the bat. No longer having to wait several months for your hair to safely reach the same desired look that you can achieve with extensions. Not only that, but you're also going to get length and fullness.

You’re not

  • Going to have breakage

  • Going to have to wait months

You are

  • Going to get fullness

  • Going to get volume

  • Going to get the color you desire

This is the total opposite result if I was just creating this style by lightening.

Also, the hair is reusable ;)

For all my math savvy babes, that’s right, in the long run, this service will cost you less than lightening your hair.


On average a lightening service can cost you anywhere from $100-$200+ per appointment. $200 * 3appointments = $600 not including product, repair treatments, or the amount of time you'll spend waiting for your end result.

The price for 2 packs 14" (aka a lot of hair) will cost you about $400.

1-time cost, immediate results, 0 damage, the hair will last you 8 months.

Let your hair live its best life. With tape-in extensions, you’ll have effortless hair ready to take on all of life's crazy adventures.

Till next time my friend, remember to live, imagine, vision, life to the fullest.

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