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We need to talk about going blonde.

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

So, you're thinking about lightening your hair. You've spent hours looking in the mirror, contemplating this very idea. You've asked your friends, your family, and even that random coworker who just so happened to be in conversation with you. And if those opinions weren't enough, you've turned to the web for some more reassurance. After spending days, nay weeks, thinking about this. You've finally gotten yourself pumped up enough to take on this venture. But before you do, consider what it means to lighten your hair. Though you may think you want a specific look that you found on Pinterest, realize that there are so many ways to lighten the hair. The best option is to always go with what will emphasize your natural beauty. So, please, browse this kit, learn the looks and be mindful of your hair texture and face shape. After all, our ultimate goal is to highlight your best features.

Just like this iconic sister, we all have to start somewhere. This kind of transformation is not made overnight. Unless your Kim or Kylie, then you may surprise us all with a new trend on the daily. But seriously, this collage of images is a representation of the hair trends over the last few years: starting with subtle lowlights, then the ombre, all the way to our modern-day foilayage. Lightening the hair will always remain a trend. As we can see here presented by the lovely Khole, the technique may change but the goal is always the same.

Let's break it down

Let's dissect your hair follicle because there are Levels to this ish...

Take a strand of your hair. What do you notice? Is it Black, Brown, Red, or Blonde? The scientific terminology for what you are noticing is the

Eumelanin (think of it as "you melanin" like the majority of us have brown hair) and Pheomelanin (Phe kinda sounds like few, there are a few of us who are naturally blonde.) The last thing you have to understand about this very small hair strand is the underlining tones. Each strand is made up of a mix of color tones. Most brown hair will have red and orange tones, and most blonde hair will have ashy blue and green tones.

So the crucial question is... What would you like to be?

Lightening Services

Full Foil

You want this service

  • If you want a full head of highlights

Full Foil + Base Break

You want this service

  • If you want your highlights to be more discrete and for your roots to not stand out. For example, your natural base level may be a level 6 and you would like it lifted a level 7 so the transition from your roots to your highlights is more subtle.

Accent or Partial Highlights

You want this service

  • If you want to frame your face and add just the right amount of flair

  • If you want your hair to remain low maintenance.

Highlights + Lowlights

You want this service

  • If you want a mix of dark and light to create dimension and movement.

Foilayage. Modern day balayage

You want this service

  • If you like balayage results, but want a higher lift.


Balayage is a hand-painted technique that is used to create gradual dimensions in the hair. It accents and frames the face. The point of Balayage is to be a single process. To lift the hair and to let the natural undertones show through. Today, stylist use this technique but with FOILS, along with a glaze and a shadow root to create a foilayage. Know the difference before you end up with an orangey/yellow balayage...when you really wanted white ends like the picture you found on insta!

Color Melt or Shadow Root

You want this service

  • If you want your root color to melt into your highlights.


You want this service

  • If you want your highlights to be so baby fine that they appear natural

Till next time

What is it about changing our look that gives us such a confidence boost that we can now take on any challenge that is thrown at us? But, we only feel this when we receive the look we wanted. So, remember, knowledge is everything! Even if your stylist is the best in the area, they cannot read minds. Help them achieve the look you truly desire by being able to communicate the look you want. Slow the appointment down before it even starts and have a long consultation. I promise the results will be worth every minute.

As always, remember to live, imagine, vision, life to the fullest.

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