We need to talk about going blonde.

Updated: Jan 2

So, you're thinking about lightening your hair. You've spent hours looking in the mirror, contemplating this very idea. You've asked your friends, your family, and even that random coworker who just so happened to be in conversation with you. And if those opinions weren't enough, you've turned to the web for some more reassurance. After spending days, nay weeks, thinking about this. You've finally gotten yourself pumped up enough to take on this venture. But before you do, consider what it means to lighten your hair. Though you may think you want a specific look that you found on Pinterest, realize that there are so many ways to lighten the hair. The best option is to always go with what will emphasize your natural beauty. So, please, browse this kit, learn the looks and be mindful of your hair texture and face shape. After all, our ultimate goal is to highlight your best features.