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LIV Studio HotHeads Extensions
LIV Studio Glaze Service
LIV Studio Brazilian Blowout
LIV Studio Style Services

Hothead Extensions

there's just something about full flowy hair that you can't get enough of


add some length

pump up the volume

or switch it up just for fun

check out our blog to learn about how this service is safe on the hair and SAVES U $


full foil

partial foil 

accent foil




<- This lovey usually gets 1 full foil service a year and then she maintains her grow out with either a Partial Highlight or Glaze every 10 weeks depending on if she wants a refresh or more blonde.  


for a low maintenance blonde add a shadow root + color melt like this girly 


Check out our Blonde Blog to learn the difference in each lightening service.






<- I call this color Peach Sangria.


This babe has a Glaze on her foilayage highlights. Since she has a natural root, her highlights can last her 3 to 6+months depending on her grow out wants. For maintenance, she comes in every 6-8weeks not just for fun but also to maintain her hair's health.


Learn more about how freaking awesome this service is on our blog. 


chemistry shot phase

split end repair 

brazilian blowout express

brazilian blowout                 

<- This girly's curls needed some major tlc. We did the Brazilian Blowout Treatment to repair damage and eliminate frizz so that her curls could regain their strength and be more defined. With most clients before they fully commit to a Brazilian Blowout, I have them test out the treatment with Brazilian Blowout Express. After her first week with the express, she was hooked on how soft and manageable her curls were.




flat iron

curling iron

<- bubble braids, my current obsession <3

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